Commit 392bd12a authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge

[MOVED FROM BAD 128/134] vp8enc: Rework encoder properties to be more in line...

[MOVED FROM BAD 128/134] vp8enc: Rework encoder properties to be more in line with the libvpx tools and API

Also add all available properties.
parent c70dc304
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......@@ -57,34 +57,78 @@ struct _GstVP8Enc
/* < private > */
vpx_codec_ctx_t encoder;
/* from downstream caps */
int profile;
/* properties */
int bitrate;
enum vpx_rc_mode mode;
unsigned int minsection_pct;
unsigned int maxsection_pct;
int min_quantizer;
int max_quantizer;
double quality;
gboolean error_resilient;
int max_latency;
int max_keyframe_distance;
int speed;
int threads;
/* Rate control options */
enum vpx_rc_mode rc_end_usage;
unsigned int rc_target_bitrate;
gboolean rc_target_bitrate_set;
unsigned int rc_min_quantizer, rc_max_quantizer;
unsigned int rc_dropframe_thresh;
gboolean rc_resize_allowed;
unsigned int rc_resize_up_thresh;
unsigned int rc_resize_down_thresh;
unsigned int rc_undershoot_pct;
unsigned int rc_overshoot_pct;
unsigned int rc_buf_sz;
unsigned int rc_buf_initial_sz;
unsigned int rc_buf_optimal_sz;
unsigned int rc_2pass_vbr_bias_pct;
unsigned int rc_2pass_vbr_minsection_pct;
unsigned int rc_2pass_vbr_maxsection_pct;
/* Global keyframe options */
enum vpx_kf_mode kf_mode;
unsigned int kf_max_dist;
/* Global two-pass options */
enum vpx_enc_pass multipass_mode;
gchar *multipass_cache_file;
GByteArray *first_pass_cache_content;
vpx_fixed_buf_t last_pass_cache_content;
gboolean auto_alt_ref_frames;
/* Global temporal scalability options */
unsigned int ts_number_layers;
unsigned int ts_target_bitrate[VPX_TS_MAX_LAYERS];
int n_ts_target_bitrate;
unsigned int ts_rate_decimator[VPX_TS_MAX_LAYERS];
int n_ts_rate_decimator;
unsigned int ts_periodicity;
unsigned int ts_layer_id[VPX_TS_MAX_PERIODICITY];
int n_ts_layer_id;
/* Global, other options */
vpx_codec_er_flags_t error_resilient;
unsigned int lag_in_frames;
int sharpness;
int noise_sensitivity;
vp8e_tuning tuning;
int threads;
#if 0
/* Only usage 0 is defined right now */
int usage;
int static_threshold;
gboolean drop_frame;
gboolean resize_allowed;
gboolean partitions;
/* Encode parameter */
gint64 deadline;
/* Controls */
VPX_SCALING_MODE h_scaling_mode;
VPX_SCALING_MODE v_scaling_mode;
int cpu_used;
gboolean enable_auto_alt_ref;
unsigned int noise_sensitivity;
unsigned int sharpness;
unsigned int static_threshold;
vp8e_token_partitions token_partitions;
unsigned int arnr_maxframes;
unsigned int arnr_strength;
unsigned int arnr_type;
vp8e_tuning tuning;
unsigned int cq_level;
unsigned int max_intra_bitrate_pct;
/* state */
gboolean inited;
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