Commit 140bd5c0 authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête 👻 Committed by Sebastian Dröge

[MOVED FROM BAD 084/134] vp8: Fix set-but-unused warnings

parent c498e188
......@@ -843,9 +843,6 @@ gst_vp8_enc_buffer_to_image (GstVP8Enc * enc, GstBuffer * buffer)
vpx_image_t *image = g_slice_new (vpx_image_t);
guint8 *data = GST_BUFFER_DATA (buffer);
const GstVideoState *state;
state = gst_base_video_encoder_get_state (GST_BASE_VIDEO_ENCODER (enc));
memcpy (image, &enc->image, sizeof (*image));
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