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    configure.ac: Adding examples/switch/Makefile · 655ca5a3
    Julien Moutte Moutte authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    2004-01-11  Julien MOUTTE  <julien@moutte.net>
    * configure.ac: Adding examples/switch/Makefile
    * examples/Makefile.am: Adding examples/switch
    * examples/switch/Makefile.am: Adding switcher example.
    * examples/switch/switcher.c: (got_eos), (idle_iterate),
    (switch_timer), (main): Adding an example demonstrating switch usage
    with 2 videotestsrc showing different patterns.
    * gst/switch/gstswitch.c: (gst_switch_request_new_pad),
    (gst_switch_init): Fixing switch with the new caps system.
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