Commit 2c1d8433 authored by Alicia Boya García's avatar Alicia Boya García
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validate: fix bug monitor subscriptions on pads by name

gst_validate_override_register_by_name() was not working when using a
pad name because by the time gst_validate_pad_monitor_do_setup()
was called to set the name of the monitor it was too late for overrides
to have any effect.

Patch written by Thibault.
parent 3cc916e9
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......@@ -210,8 +210,8 @@ gst_validate_monitor_constructor (GType type, guint n_construct_params,
gst_validate_override_registry_attach_overrides (monitor);
gst_validate_monitor_setup (monitor);
gst_validate_override_registry_attach_overrides (monitor);
target = gst_validate_monitor_get_target (monitor);
g_object_set_data ((GObject *) target, "validate-monitor", monitor);
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