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......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ into your xorg.conf in the {{{Section "Device"}}} that calls the Nouveau driver.
== Current known issues ==
These issues are no longer valid (certainly not for nv4x cards).
HW cursor has issues on analog VGA if on second RAMDAC on single head
Restore to text mode may not always work
......@@ -21,4 +23,6 @@ My NV28 has 3 ports, one VGA, one DVI-I (analog + digital) and one S-video
* NV28 - single head - VGA, DVI (analog + digital)
- dual head - VGA + analog DVI
Some NV40 can init a second head, there are still some issues with some G70 cards.
On G80 where Randr12 is activated by default, the hotplug is not working.
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