Commit ebcbaeba authored by Marcin Ślusarz's avatar Marcin Ślusarz
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Update MMT installation instruction.

parent 6e011b4c
......@@ -8,26 +8,13 @@
[[!format txt """
git clone
git clone valgrind/VEX
cd valgrind/VEX
git checkout -f VEX_3_11_BRANCH
cd ..
git checkout -f mmt-3.11
git checkout origin/mmt-3.13
./configure --prefix=...
make install
[[!format txt """
cd valgrind
git pull
cd VEX
git pull
cd ..
[[!format txt """
valgrind --tool=mmt --mmt-trace-nvidia-ioctls --log-file=file-bin.log glxgears
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