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MigrationHeuristic is a parameter for EXA to know when to "migrate" pixmaps to video memory. Possible values are "always", "greedy", and "smart". It can be applied by adding a specific line to the divice section of your xorg.conf. For example:
[[!format txt """
Section Device
Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
Currently the default is "always" ("smart" on older xorg).
(jwstolk, xorg, NV15, 2008-01-28: rendering a scaled image in firefox took +/- 60 seconds. switching from always to greedy fixed this.)
For best performance, use:
[[!table header="no" class="mointable" data="""
** x ** || | **[[NV04/05|CodeNames]]** | **[[NV10|CodeNames]]** | **[[NV20|CodeNames]]** | **[[NV30|CodeNames]]** | **[[NV40|CodeNames]]** | **[[NV50|CodeNames]]**
Value|| | ? | ? | ? | ? | Always | ?
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