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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ Please look in the table below if someone needs it and is sufficiently close to
M. Example | Grenoble, France | NV73, NV02
[[Lucas Stach|LucasStach]] | Germany | NV30/NV35, NV44 - contact details can be found on my wiki page , I'm willing to pay for the shipment
Martin Peres | Bordeaux, France | Any NV3X/4X with a PCI/PCIE port, NV96/A8/AC/AF, NVC0/C3/C8/CE/D7 or NVE4,E7,108.
[[Marcin Kościelnicki|Marcin Kościelnicki]] | Poland | NV01, NV0A, NV2A, NVF0, GK208 - sorry, already got all non-tricky ones :)
[[Marcin Kościelnicki|Marcin Kościelnicki]] | Poland | NV0A, NV2A, NV4C, NV6[78], NVC8, NVF0 - sorry, already got all non-tricky ones :)
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