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......@@ -78,13 +78,12 @@ import struct; import sys; fd = open(\"fuc084\", \"wb\");
for line in sys.stdin:
fd.write(struct.pack(\"@I\", int(line.rstrip(), 16)))
This was just for PBSP, but the same applies to PVP with fuc085, and PPPP with fuc086. Put the resulting files in /lib/firmware/nouveau/
Offsets may differ, and it is recommended to check you don't end up with too big or too small a file. It *looks* like mine are multiples of 1000 bytes, on the nvidia 310 drivers.
== Extracting userspace video firmware on nvc0 series (fermi) (NOT NVD9!!) ==
......@@ -93,6 +92,7 @@ Requirements:
* libvdpau-dev, libpciaccess-dev, libx11-dev
* [[Valgrind-mmt|valgrind-mmt]]
* build a recent envytools.git, and go to envytools.git/vdpow directory
* with nvidia drivers enabled and X server running, do:
* {{{ /usr/local/bin/valgrind --tool=mmt --mmt-trace-file=/dev/nvidia0 --mmt-trace-file=/dev/dri/card0 --mmt-trace-nvidia-ioctls --mmt-trace-nouveau-ioctls ./mmt_ufw 2>&1 | ./dumpstruct -m 10 }}}
Copy the resulting vuc-* files to /lib/firmware/nouveau/
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