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......@@ -9,8 +9,6 @@ Bugs in the 3D driver are filed under [[mesa/mesa|
<a name="HowToReport"></a> How to report?
* Attach **complete, unfiltered, untrimmed kernel log** from the boot up to and including the problem, and a complete X log if the problem manifests with X. Note, that `/var/log/messages` is not a kernel log. Running `dmesg` is the best way to get a kernel log, but assuming, that the log buffer has not wrapped around.
* Please, **do not compress files** you attach to bug reports, especially plain text files such as logs, unless the file is so huge bugzilla refuses to take it. Gzipping files makes taking a quick look impossible
* Make sure the **mime-type** of text files really is set to **`text/plain`**, and not e.g. `application/octet-stream` or `text/x-log`. This makes life a little easier for people reading bug reports. The point is to let people read text files directly in a web browser.
* Please include **version numbers or checkout dates** for all relevant components. This could be the kernel and DRM, x-server, xf86-video-nouveau, libdrm and possibly mesa.
* Do not use **links that go invalid** in time (e.g., pastebins, image bins, your web server at home), attach your files to the bug instead. Bug reports may be useful even after years.
* If the bug is related to modesetting, output configuration, etc, please attach [[VBIOS|DumpingVideoBios]] from your card.
......@@ -25,7 +23,7 @@ We also have a [[mailing list|
1. add the following to the kernel command line: `log_buf_len=1M`
1. exercise your problem
1. run the command: `dmesg > kernel_log.txt`
1. use the file `kernel_log.txt` created above in your bug report, remember to set the MIME type to `text/plain` in bugzilla/email attachment
1. use the file `kernel_log.txt` created above in your bug report
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