Commit 9b3638ce authored by imirkin's avatar imirkin Committed by nouveau

add the perl option

parent cce806d3
......@@ -72,6 +72,10 @@ and put them in binary files in `/lib/firmware/nouveau/`
firmwares[register].write(struct.pack('@I', int(line[5][2:], 16)))
Alternatively you can use this perl snippet in combination with demmio:
demmio -f mmiotrace-VP5.log.xz | perl -e 'open($fh409c, ">fuc409c"); open($fh409d, ">fuc409d"); open($fh41ac, ">fuc41ac"); open($fh41ad, ">fuc41ad"); %m = ("0x409184" => $fh409c, "0x4091c4" => $fh409d, "0x41a184" => $fh41ac, "0x41a1c4" => $fh41ad); while (<>) { exit if (/0x409840/); next if (!/W (0x4(?:09|1a)1[c8]4) .* <= (.*)/); print { $m{$1} } pack "I", hex($2);}'
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