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First pass at NetBSD info page from Riastradh

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NetBSD has preliminary support for NVIDIA hardware via the `nouveau(4)`
DRM/KMS kernel driver ported from Linux 3.15, and all the same userland
components as for Linux -- the `libdrm` library, the `libdrm_nouveau`
library, the `xf86-video-nouveau` video driver, and the Mesa
`` GL driver.
On NetBSD 7, the kernel driver `nouveau(4)` is available on i386 and
amd64, but disabled by default. Most bug fixes are pulled up to the
netbsd-7 branch, The userland components are not
available in the standard distribution sets, though they are available
through pkgsrc in x11/xf86-video-nouveau and graphics/MesaLib.
On NetBSD-current, the kernel driver `nouveau(4)` is enabled by default
in the `i386/GENERIC`, `amd64/GENERIC`, and `evbarm/TEGRA` kernel
configurations. The userland components are available in the
distribution sets, spread across `xbase.tgz`, `xcomp.tgz`, `xserver.tgz`, and
`xdebug.tgz`, or from pkgsrc in `x11/xf86-video-nouveau` and
Some hardware has been tested, but I don't have a list of it at the
moment. If the display blanks or otherwise fails when you try to boot
with NVIDIA graphics hardware, you can disable `nouveau(4)` at the boot
prompt by booting with `boot -c` and then typing `disable nouveau` and
`quit` at the following userconf prompt:
> boot -c
userconf> disable nouveau
userconf> quit
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