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......@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ M. Example | Grenoble, France | NV73, NV02
Martin Peres | Helsinki, Finland | Any NV3X/4X with a PCI/PCIE port (save NV4B and NV43), NVA[358] with GDDR3 or 5 memory, NVAA/AC/AF, NVC3/D7, F0/F1/106 or NV118/120/124/12B, I'm willing to pay for the shipment and customs.
[[Marcin Kościelnicki|Marcin Kościelnicki]] | Poland | NV0A, NV2A, NV4C, NV6[78], NVC8, NVF0 - sorry, already got all non-tricky ones :)
Samuel Pitoiset | Bordeaux, France | Any NV50 (apart from NV50, NV96, NV98, NVA0 and NVA8), any NVC0 (apart from NVC1 and NVC8) and any NVE0, I'm willing to pay for the shipment
Pierre Moreau | Gothenburg, Sweden | Any NV50 with more than one performance level (apart from GDDR3 NV96 and NVA0), I'm willing to pay for the shipment
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