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speculation on the solution

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......@@ -46,4 +46,4 @@ You may try to use {{{ZaphodHeads}}} to split a dual-head card into separate SCR
Xinerama X server feature will be replaced by something, that allows to join several cards into a uniform desktop, with acceleration. It will take time, and is mostly not Nouveau specific.
''What is the progress? Links?''
''Speculation:'' [[|Wayland]] could solve this. One could write a Wayland Display Server, which takes over all heads of all graphics cards in a computer. The server receives complete frame buffers from graphical clients, and can use each card individually to composite the part of the desktop showing on the heads of a card. An implementation detail is how to get the frame buffers to all cards, which may or may not share memory for texturing. A Wayland client could still render their frame buffers fast with a GPU, and you might select on app-by-app basis which GPU to use. Running an X server on top of such Display Server should be trivial, resulting in a uniform accelerated X desktop over all graphics cards (a single SCREEN), something which is currently impossible. This might even trivially solve the [[Optimus]] problem (but without on-the-fly GPU switching), as the Display Server would solve the framebuffer copy from one GPU to another.
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