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Upload TTM presentation from 2006, original link is dead, found by

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......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ The Direct Rendering Infrastructure, also known as the DRI, is a framework for a
1. [[riva128.txt|]]
* Old document about a very old graphics card, but gives an idea how things used to work.
1. [[ContextSwitching|ContextSwitching]] What is context switching, why is it important, how does it work...
1. [[New DRI Memory Manager|]] (PDF) by Keith Whitwell and Thomas Hellstrom, 2006
1. [[New DRI Memory Manager|xdevconf2006.pdf]] (PDF) by Keith Whitwell and Thomas Hellstrom, 2006
* Introduction slides about Translation Table Maps, TTM.
1. [[ArthurHuillet|ArthurHuillet]] (Information about XVideo and other topics)
1. [[XVideo slides|]] (if you want to work on Xvideo)
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