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......@@ -8,21 +8,16 @@ into your xorg.conf in the {{{Section "Device"}}} that calls the Nouveau driver.
== Current known issues ==
Some of these issues are no longer valid.
* Clock selection issues for some G70's (affects non-vga).
* HW cursor has issues on analog VGA if on second RAMDAC on single head
* Restore to text mode may not always work
* Relies on BIOS (like nv to setup some registers for it) so hotplug may not work - vbetool post is your friend
* May have issues hotplugging dvi on some systems (possibly related to above).
== Currently tested ==
* My NV28 has 3 ports, one VGA, one DVI-I (analog + digital) and one S-video
* Anything below NV3x is currently considered broken.
* NV28 - single head - VGA, DVI (analog + digital)
- dual head - VGA + analog DVI
* Some Geforce5 cards seem to work, your mileage may vary.
* Some NV40 can init a second head, there are still some issues with some G70 cards.
* The Geforce6 cards seem to work reasonably, the Geforce7 being slightly more problematic.
* On G80 where Randr12 is activated by default, the hotplug is not working.
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