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# MoinMoin to Ikiwiki conversion
If you have an account on Annarchy, you can help out with the conversion of this wiki.
You can follow the [[page conversion|]] instructions using `PROJECT="nouveau"`.
Here is a list of broken links, which should be a starting place for what needs converting:
......@@ -72,3 +72,6 @@ _**22.3.2012 posted by shinpei**_
_**17.1.2012 posted by lynxeye**_
* We are at [[FOSDEM 2012|]]. There will be an presentation about nouveau and a few devs can be found in the X.Org [[DevRoom]] to answer your questions. Here are the [[slides|]].
This wiki is undergoing [[conversion]]. If you have a fd.o shell account, you can help!
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