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NvGrUseFw -> NvGrUseFW

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......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ Whether the driver should be enabled. 0 for disabled, 1 for enabled, 2 for headl
This provides a way to configure various parts of the driver, it is a comma-separate list of a=b key/value pairs. The values are all boolean (0/1) except for `NvBios` which is a string.
* $engine: Whether to enable/disable the engine, e.g. PDISP=0
* `NvGrUseFw`: Whether to load FW for PGRAPH on NVC0
* `NvGrUseFW`: Whether to load FW for PGRAPH on NVC0
* `NvBios`: Specify VBIOS source as one of `OpenFirmware/PRAMIN/PROM/ACPI/PCIROM/PLATFORM`, or a filename passed to request_firmware
* `NvForcePost`: Whether to force a POST of the device, off by default
* `NvI2C`: ??, off by default
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