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Please first read the official Gentoo wiki page on [[Nouveau|]].
#### Stable ebuilds:
Nouveau is now available from the stable branch of the portage tree. Enable DRM_NOUVEAU in your kernel and set VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau" in /etc/make.conf. For detailed instructions, see [[|]]
#### Development ebuilds:
Previously, the nouveau ebuilds where in the **nouveau** overlay, which is now ******unmaintained******. Use the **x11** overlay instead, which is also available via layman
......@@ -16,29 +15,4 @@ Recommended ebuilds:
* **x11-base/nouveau-drm** (from git)
* **x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveau** (from git)
* **x11-libs/libdrm** (from git)
The `x11` overlay also has a mesa git ebuild, which contains the gallium based nouveau 3d driver, but it is still in a very early stage and using it is discouraged and unsupported
Unmaintained ebuilds:
Additionally, the now unmaintained **nouveau** overlay still contains the renouveau and mmio-trace utilities, which you will need if you want to help the development
* `x11-misc/renouveau`
* `dev-util/mmio-trace`
These ebuilds do not have any keyword, as it is usual with cvs/svn/git releases. To be able to install them, you have to mark them with `**` in `package.keywords`.
These are the steps which are necessary in order to get the nouveau driver working on gentoo:
1. Disable the nvidia proprietary kernel module.
1. `eselect opengl set xorg-x11`
1. Make sure you have USE="dri" and VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau"
1. `emerge -va nouveau-drm libdrm xorg-server xf86-video-nouveau`
* Make sure you use the overlay ebuilds. You may have to unmask them.
* xorg-server recompilation is sometimes necessary after DRM changes, but not always. If you are not sure, re-emerge it
1. `modprobe drm`
1. `modprobe nouveau`
1. startx
No, you will not have accelerated 3D support.
[[!img glxgears.png]
Not yours.
The `x11` overlay also has a mesa git ebuild, which contains the gallium based nouveau 3d driver.
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