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* cleanup this page, it is badly outdated
# Nouveau TODO tasks
## DRM tasks
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* User: let users write their own "PM scheduler" and plug it to Nouveau (may not be possible)
Then, we need to know what can be offloaded to PDAEMON and what needs to be running on the HOST. The more is done on PDAEMON, the better since we can react way faster from the hw.
## Video decoding
* Figure out why H.264 and/or MPEG4 part 2 doesn't work on VP3/4.0 cards [NV98:NVC0]
* Decode two frames at once with VP2 (similar to the vp3+ impl) to hopefully improve a/v sync jitter in high-motion videos
* Get field_pic_flag=1 H.264 videos to decode properly on VP2. There's some reference frame mismanagement (maybe) going on.
* On VP2, MPEG2 over vdpau shows artifacts, but xvmc works fine. Figure out what the issue is. (Probably related to skipped macroblocks somehow... but how?)
* On VP2, MPEG1 over vdpau shows blocking, as if the IDCT is done with incorrect parameters. The blob shows the same artifacts. XvMC looks perfect. Probably an error in the oddification/something else.
* Add VDPAU MPEG2 support to VPE2 cards ([NV31:NV84]). Can look at how VP2 does the bitstream parsing bits/IQ. It's not quite that simple though, since doing the naive hookup doesn't work (skipped mb's, probably other issues... XvMC presents much cleaner data).
## DDX tasks
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