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......@@ -6,19 +6,11 @@ Option "Randr12" "true"
into your xorg.conf in the {{{Section "Device"}}} that calls the Nouveau driver. Do realize that dual head support is in its infancy and probably cannot drive your monitors correctly. See the FeatureMatrix about supported cards.
== Current known issues ==
* Some minor LVDS issues (gf6/7).
* DVI problems on NV3x and NV40 (Geforce 6800GT for example).
We've started a randr-1.2 [ bug] tracker, which should eventually depend on all randr12 related bugs. This does not include the g80 support, which is entirely seperate. If anyone wishes to do some work for those cards, then that is certainly welcome.
== Currently tested ==
* Don't try TNT(2) cards.
* Geforce1-4 have a reasonable chance, but expect issues with stuff like dvi.
* The Geforce5 have issues with dvi.
* Nothing is broken by default, but be sure to test.
* The Geforce6 and 7 cards are doing quite well.
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