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= Randr 1.2 Nouveau Status ='s avatar committed
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The randr-1.2 git branch is no longer used, it has been merged into master. If you want to test your luck with Randr 1.2 functionality, install the driver as usual, using at least xorg-server version 1.3. Add the line
Option      "Randr12" "true"
into your xorg.conf in the {{{Section "Device"}}} that calls the Nouveau driver. Do realize that dual head support is in its infancy and probably cannot drive your monitors correctly. See the FeatureMatrix about supported cards.'s avatar committed
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== Current known issues ==

HW cursor has issues on analog VGA if on second RAMDAC on single head's avatar committed
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Restore to text mode may not always work's avatar committed
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Relies on BIOS (like nv to setup some registers for it) so hotplug may not work - vbetool post is your friend's avatar committed
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== Currently tested ==

My NV28 has 3 ports, one VGA, one DVI-I (analog + digital) and one S-video

* NV28 - single head - VGA, DVI (analog + digital)
       - dual head - VGA + analog DVI