1. 21 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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      qtdemux: support seeking of CENC encrypted streams · 5ba07e86
      Alex Ashley authored
      When playing a stream that has been protected by DASH CENC, playback
      will fail if a seek is performed. Qtdemux produces the error "stream
      is protected using cenc, but no cenc protection system information
      has been found" and playback stops.
      The problem is that gst_qtdemux_reset() gets called as part of the
      FLUSH during a seek. This function frees the protection_system_ids
      array. When gst_qtdemux_configure_protected_caps() is called after the
      seek has completed, the protection_system_ids array is empty and
      qtdemux is unable to create the correct output caps for the protected
      This commit changes it to only free the protection_system_ids on
      hard resets.
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