Commit df6946e6 authored by Jeremy Simon's avatar Jeremy Simon

Check buffer size in typefind function

Original commit message from CVS:
Check buffer size in typefind function
parent fc8adf66
...@@ -75,6 +75,9 @@ flac_type_find (GstBuffer *buf, gpointer private) ...@@ -75,6 +75,9 @@ flac_type_find (GstBuffer *buf, gpointer private)
gint size; gint size;
guint32 head = GUINT32_FROM_BE (*((guint32 *)GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf))); guint32 head = GUINT32_FROM_BE (*((guint32 *)GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf)));
if (GST_BUFFER_SIZE (buf) < 4)
return NULL;
data = GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf); data = GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf);
size = GST_BUFFER_SIZE (buf); size = GST_BUFFER_SIZE (buf);
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