Commit dbabbc62 authored by Christian Schaller's avatar Christian Schaller

two small build fixes

Original commit message from CVS:
two small build fixes
parent f2f69439
common @ b4a839c9
Subproject commit 6757dae2885c2c09ad6db243c73946ef387bb044
Subproject commit b4a839c99c0bf2d4903824426ef3cc0d4b0ad992
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ plug-ins.
This package contains libraries and includes files necessary to develop
applications and plug-ins for GStreamer.
%files -n gstreamer-plugins-devel
%files -n devel
%defattr(-, root, root)
......@@ -729,8 +729,8 @@ Plug-ins for playback of AVI format media files.
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Group: Libraries/Multimedia
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Requires: gstreamer-plugins = %{version}
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Requires: gstreamer-audio-formats
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Requires: mad >= 0.13.0
@USE_MAD_TRUE@BuildRequires: mad-devel >= 0.13.0
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Requires: libmad >= 0.13.0
@USE_MAD_TRUE@BuildRequires: libmad-devel >= 0.13.0
@USE_MAD_TRUE@%description -n gstreamer-mad
@USE_MAD_TRUE@Plug-in for playback of mp3 songs using the very good MAD library.
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