Commit 92c9e25f authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨

meson: Don't traceback if there is no introspection option

parent 3af05ce1
......@@ -544,18 +544,19 @@ class Meson (Build, ModifyEnvBase) :
for match in re.finditer(option_regex, options, re.MULTILINE):
option =
# find the 'gir' or 'introspection' option()
if'name') in ('gir', 'introspection'):
opt_name ='name')
if opt_name in ('gir', 'introspection'):
# get the type of the option
type_regex = "type\s*:\s*'(?P<type>[^']+)'"
ty = (type_regex, option, re.MULTILINE)
if ty and'type') in ('feature', 'boolean'):
opt_name ='name')
opt_type ='type')
raise FatalError('Unable to detect type of option {!r}'.format(opt_name))
self.meson_options[opt_name] = \
if opt_name and opt_type:
self.meson_options[opt_name] = \
def _write_meson_cross_file(self):
# Take cross toolchain from _old_env because we removed them from the
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