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Update README for Meson port and MSVC usage

With the Meson port, we can now build many recipes with MSVC, and we
will default to doing that on Windows. People can switch to MinGW-only
by adding 'novisualstudio' to variants in ~/.cerbero/cerbero.cbc

We always needed an MSVC compiler for building the directshow plugins,
and we need lib.exe from Visual Studio to generate import libraries
from DLLs for all recipes built with Autotools.

This change documents that correctly and bumps the requirement to
Visual Studio 2015, which is what we support in GStreamer. VS 2013 may
work, and support for it can be added if enough people ask for it.

Also fix the documentation about how to install Python 3. The default
installation path is in `C:\Program Files (x86)\Python36-32` which
breaks Autotools and other shell-based builds. Note that Meson does
not require this.
parent 6bfa95dd
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ minimum base to bootstrap
On linux, you will only need a distribution with python >= 3.4.
On linux, you will only need a distribution with python >= 3.5.
......@@ -36,22 +36,32 @@ Windows
The initial setup on Windows is a little bit longer, but only a few programs are required.
* Python3:
* First page of the installer
- Check "Add Python 3.x to PATH"
- Click "Customize installation"
* Second page, check "pip"
* Third page, select:
- Install for all users
- Associate files with Python
- Add Python to environment variables
- Customize install location: C:\Python3
* CMake:
* Git:
* Git: or
IMPORTANT: Select the install option "Checkout as-is, Commit as-is"
* Msys/MinGW:
Install it with all the options enabled
* WiX 3.5:
The Direct Show plugins still needs to be built using Microsoft's compiler and their SDK,
due to the dependency on the Direct Show base classes.
You need to install the following software:
* Microsoft SDK 7.1:
* Windows Driver Kit 7.1.0:
Several packages that have Meson build files are now built by default with
Visual Studio, so you need to install Visual Studio 2015 or newer in the
default location. The Visual Studio Community build which is free for
open-source use can be installed at:
cerbero must be run in the MingGW shell, which is accessible from the main menu or desktop
(if it is not, go to Mingw Installation manager, select MSYS Base Development and install
msys-bash lnk).
msys-bash lnk).
The path to your $HOME must not contain spaces. If your windows username
contains spaces, you can create a new directory in /home and execute:
......@@ -68,9 +78,6 @@ Despite the presence of this tool does not need installation. It is inv
cerbero-uninstalled script, which should be invoked as ./cerbero-uninstalled, or you can add
the cerbero directory in your path and invoke it as cerbero-uninstalled.
The examples below assume the tool is in your PATH; if not, just remember to use ./cerbero-uninstalled
instead of cerbero-uninstalled.
On Windows it should be invoked as "python ./cerbero-uninstalled".
......@@ -78,35 +85,35 @@ Bootstrap
Before using cerbero for the first time, you will need to run the bootstrap command.
This command installs the missing parts of the build system using the packages manager
when available. Note that this will take a while (a couple hours or even more).
$ cerbero-uninstalled bootstrap
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled bootstrap
$ cerbero-uninstalled --help
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled --help
List available recipes
$ cerbero-uninstalled list
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled list
List available packages
$ cerbero-uninstalled list-packages
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled list-packages
Build a recipe
$ cerbero-uninstalled build gtk+
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled build gtk+
Rebuild a single recipe
$ cerbero-uninstalled buildone gtk+
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled buildone gtk+
Clean a recipe
$ cerbero-uninstalled cleanone gtk+
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled cleanone gtk+
Create a package (this automatically invokes build)
$ cerbero-uninstalled package gstreamer-1.0
$ ./cerbero-uninstalled package gstreamer-1.0
......@@ -114,10 +121,3 @@ License
cerbero is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
* python 3.4
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