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cerbero is a multi-platform build system for Open Source projects that builds
and creates native packages for different platforms, architectures an distribution.
Projects are defined using recipes files (.recipe), which provides a description
of the project being built such as name, version, licenses, sources and the way
it's built. It also provide listing of files, which is later used for the packaging.
Packages are defined using packages files (.package), describing the package name,
version, license, maintainer and other fields used to create the packages. A
package wraps a list of recipes, from which the list of files belonging to the
package will be extracted.
Minimum Requirements
cerbero provides bootstrapping facilities for all platforms, but it still needs a
minimum base to bootstrap
On linux, you will only a distribution with python >= 2.6 and python's argparse module,
which is already included in python2.7
On OSX you will to have XCode installed and macports (used to install pkg-config)
The initial setup on Windows is little bit longer, but only a few programs are required.
* Python2.7:
* Git:
* Msys/MinGW:
cerbero must be run in the MingGW shell, which is accessible from the main menu
The last step is making python and git available from the shell, for which you will need
to create a .profile file.
$ echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:/c/Python27:/c/Git/bin\"" > ~/.profile
Note that in side the shell, / is mapped to c:\Mingw\msys\1.0\
Before using cerbero for the first time you will need to run the bootstrap command.
This command installs the missing parts of the build system using the packages manager
when available.
$ cerbero bootstrap
$ cerbero --help
List available recipes
$ cerbero list
List available packages
$ cerbero list-packages
Build a recipe
$ cerbero build gtk+
Rebuild a single recipe
$ cerbero buildone gtk+
Clean a recipe
$ cerbero cleanone gtk+
Create a package
$ cerbero package gstreamer-sdk
cerbero is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
* python >= 2.6
* python-argparse
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