Commit 71ed1cc7 authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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config: ios: workaround linker crash

Apparently the ios linker crashes whenever the ios minimum version
is the to 6.0. The solution is to set the minversion to 5.2, that doesn't
exist and should use the next 'real' version, that is 6.0.

Found this solution at:
parent e6a5176c
......@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@ from cerbero.config import Architecture, DistroVersion
# used later. System libs are passed through the -isysroot option
# The linker crashes if minversion is set to 6.0
# Setting it to 5.2 (that doesn't exist) makes the minversion
# effectively be 6.0 without making it crash
if target_distro_version == DistroVersion.IOS_6_0:
v = '6.0'
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