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ci-fairy: add pre-commit hook.

Allow using the ci-fairy linter with pre-commit.
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- id: ci-fairy
name: Lint gitlab-ci.yml
language: python
entry: ci-fairy
args: ["lint", "--filename"]
types: ["yaml"]
files: \.gitlab-ci\.yml
......@@ -104,6 +104,22 @@ GitLab has an online linter but it requires copy/pasting the
linter** and print any errors.
.. _ci-fairy-pre-commit:
You can incorperate the ci-fairy lint check in your `pre-commit
<>`_ setup. Add the following snippet to your
.. code-block:: yaml
- repo:
rev: master
- id: ci-fairy
.. _ci-fairy-deleting-images:
Deleting registry images
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