Commit 5dba53a6 authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali
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gst-inspect: Fix colors for "URI handling" section

They seemed incompatible with other colors.
parent d3fa67c0
...@@ -847,16 +847,14 @@ print_uri_handler_info (GstElement * element) ...@@ -847,16 +847,14 @@ print_uri_handler_info (GstElement * element)
uri_protocols = gst_uri_handler_get_protocols (GST_URI_HANDLER (element)); uri_protocols = gst_uri_handler_get_protocols (GST_URI_HANDLER (element));
n_print ("\n"); n_print ("\n");
n_print ("%sURI handling capabilities:%s\n", PROP_NAME_COLOR, RESET_COLOR); n_print ("%sURI handling capabilities:%s\n", HEADING_COLOR, RESET_COLOR);
push_indent (); push_indent ();
n_print ("%sElement can act as %s.%s\n", PROP_VALUE_COLOR, uri_type, n_print ("%sElement can act as %s.%s\n", DESC_COLOR, uri_type, RESET_COLOR);
if (uri_protocols && *uri_protocols) { if (uri_protocols && *uri_protocols) {
n_print ("%sSupported URI protocols%s:\n", PROP_ATTR_NAME_COLOR, n_print ("%sSupported URI protocols%s:\n", DESC_COLOR, RESET_COLOR);
push_indent (); push_indent ();
for (; *uri_protocols != NULL; uri_protocols++) for (; *uri_protocols != NULL; uri_protocols++)
n_print ("%s%s%s\n", PROP_ATTR_VALUE_COLOR, *uri_protocols, n_print ("%s%s%s\n", PROP_ATTR_VALUE_COLOR, *uri_protocols,
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