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......@@ -327,3 +327,38 @@ issue or merge request.
If you do not get a response, this is usually not a sign of people *ignoring*
the issue, but usually just means that it's fallen through the cracks or
people have been busy with other things.
# Workflows for GStreamer developers
## Backporting to a stable branch
Before backporting any changes to a stable branch, they should first be
applied to the `master` branch, and should obviously not have caused any known
outstanding regressions. The only exception here are changes that do not apply
to the `master` branch anymore.
Existing merge request against the `master` branch, including merged ones,
that should be considered for backporting in the future should be labeled with
the `Needs backport` label unless there is any specific urgency to get it
backported. All merge requests with the (`Needs backport`)[needs-backport]
label will be regularly considered for backporting by GStreamer developers.
### Creating a merge request for backports
When creating a merge request for backporting changes, include one or more
changes in the merge request and ideally all from the (list)[needs-backport]
after reviewing them and potentially fixing them to work cleanly with the
stable branch.
If there are specific commits or areas of commits where further feedback is
needed, please create a task list in the description of the merge request and
@ the committer or whoever has knowledge about this commit.
Add another task to the task list in the merge request's description for the
module's maintainer(s) to confirm the merge and @ one or more maintainers.
Only once the CI succeeded for the merge request and all tasks are solved,
especially the confirmation from the maintainer(s), the merge request can be
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