Commit 2a16efcb authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜
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recipes: gdk-pixbuf and librsvg can be re-enabled on MSVC

The CRT interop issues have been resolved ever since we updated the

Part-of: <gstreamer/cerbero!497>
parent da275cbd
......@@ -9,13 +9,12 @@ class Package(custom.GStreamer, package.Package):
longdesc = 'Base system dependencies'
uuid = 'fae6046d-5a39-4d54-93ee-3770d2f316f5'
files = ['cairo:libs', 'expat:libs', 'fontconfig:libs:etc',
'libffi:libs', 'freetype:libs',
'glib:libs:lang:bins:schemas', 'orc:libs', 'pango:libs:modules',
'libpng:libs', 'libjpeg-turbo:libs',
'libxml2:libs', 'pixman:libs', 'fribidi:libs',
'zlib:libs', 'bzip2:libs', 'harfbuzz:libs',
files = ['cairo:libs', 'expat:libs', 'fontconfig:libs:etc', 'libffi:libs',
'freetype:libs', 'glib:libs:lang:bins:schemas', 'orc:libs',
'pango:libs:modules', 'libpng:libs', 'libjpeg-turbo:libs',
'tiff:libs', 'gdk-pixbuf:bins:libs:modules:lang', 'libcroco:libs',
'librsvg:libs', 'libxml2:libs', 'pixman:libs', 'fribidi:libs',
'zlib:libs', 'bzip2:libs', 'harfbuzz:libs', 'json-glib:bins:libs']
platform_files = {
Platform.WINDOWS: ['proxy-libintl:libs:lang', 'mingw-runtime'],
......@@ -28,6 +27,3 @@ class Package(custom.GStreamer, package.Package):
def prepare(self):
if not self.config.variants.visualstudio:
# gdk-pixbuf and librsvg plugins
self.files += ['tiff:libs', 'gdk-pixbuf:bins:libs:modules:lang', 'libcroco:libs', 'librsvg:libs']
......@@ -466,8 +466,6 @@ class Recipe(custom.GStreamer):
# built with MSVC, it uses Meson but it doesn't build:
self.disable_plugin('webrtcdsp', 'effects', dep='webrtc-audio-processing')
# librsvg pulls in gdk-pixbuf, which must be built with MSVC
self.disable_plugin('rsvg', 'codecs', dep='librsvg')
if self.config.msvc_version == 'vs14':
self.disable_plugin('d3d11', 'sys')
......@@ -226,8 +226,6 @@ class Recipe(custom.GStreamer):
if self.using_msvc():
# plugin is C++, library is Autotools
self.disable_plugin('taglib', 'codecs', dep='taglib')
# gdk-pixbuf and all deps must be ported to MSVC first to fix CRT interop issues
self.disable_plugin('gdkpixbuf', 'effects', option='gdk-pixbuf', dep='gdk-pixbuf')
if self.config.target_platform == Platform.WINDOWS:
self.meson_options['directsound'] = 'enabled'
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