Commit 0d02965d authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête 👻
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setup: Only package selected recipes/packagees with --recipe/--package
parent 35e20b47
......@@ -41,14 +41,51 @@ def datafiles(prefix):
files.append((os.path.join(datadir, dirpath), [f]))
return files
# Intercept packages and recipes
packages = [x[len('--package='):] for x in sys.argv
if x.startswith('--package=')]
recipes = [x[len('--recipe='):] for x in sys.argv if x.startswith('--recipe=')]
if len(packages) == 0:
packages = None
if len(recipes) == 0:
recipes = None
sys.argv = [x for x in sys.argv if not x.startswith('--package=') and
not x.startswith('--recipe=')]
#Fill manifest
shutil.copy('', '')
with open('', 'a+') as f:
for dirname in ['recipes', 'packages', 'data', 'config', 'tools']:
for dirname in ['data', 'config', 'tools']:
f.write('\n'.join(['include %s' % x for x in parse_dir(dirname)]))
for (dirname, suffix) in [('packages', '.package'), ('recipes', '.recipe')]:
filenames = parse_dir(dirname)
requested = globals()[dirname]
if requested:
requested_filenames = tuple([os.sep + x + suffix for x in requested])
# Add special directories
if dirname == 'packages':
requested_dir = requested + ['gstreamer-1.0']
requested_dir = requested + ['build-tools', 'toolchain']
requested_directories = tuple(os.path.join(dirname, x, "")
for x in requested_dir)
filenames = [p for p in filenames
if p.startswith(requested_directories) or
missing_files = [p for p in requested_filenames if
not [True for m in filenames if m.endswith(p)]]
assert not missing_files, \
"Not all %s from the command line (%s) exist" % \
(dirname, ", ".join(missing_files))
f.write('\n'.join(['include %s' % x for x in filenames]))
# Intercept prefix
prefix = [x for x in sys.argv if x.startswith('--prefix=')]
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