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    cerbero/build: Workaround MSYS trying to be too smart · fbaf3bc4
    Nirbheek Chauhan authored
    Finally figured out the actual issue that I was trying to solve in
    f38df32d and 78f06dd4. Paths like `c:/foobar` (lowercase drive
    letter) are considered to be a POSIX path list, so `c:/foobar/`
    becomes `c;C:\foobar`:
    This will happen anytime we try to pass a path as a command-line
    argument. We used to work-around this by using `to_unixpath()`,
    but that's just sinking deeper into dependence on broken shell
    behaviour. This happens now because we're passing includes in CFLAGS,
    So let's just bypass the shell entirely by constructing a list. As
    a side-effect, this is another step towards being able to run Cerbero
    from a directory with spaces in it.
    For now, we'll convert `config_sh` to a list when not using an
    Autotools configure. Luckily, we don't need to pass any paths as
    arguments to it anyway. When running other stages, we now always use
    a list instead of a string. Hopefully the fallout is small and obvious
    for people using forks of Cerbero.
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