1. 05 Jan, 2020 7 commits
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      find, glib: Enhance find to support multi-line matching · 099d241d
      Nelson Benítez León authored
      On the backend side, add adding 5 new parameters to TextPage::findText(),
      4 to return coords for the part of the match that falls on the next line,
      and 1 to specify whether hyphen was ignored at end of the first line.
      For the glib binding, this extends the public PopplerRectangle struct
      by new members to hold additional information about whether the rectangle
      belongs to a group of rectangles for the same match, and whether a hyphen
      was ignored at the end of the line. Since PopplerRectangle is public
      ABI, this is done by making the public PopplerRectangle API return the
      enlarged struct, and internally casting to the new struct when required;
      the new members are accessible only via accessor functions.
      For Qt5 binding, this commit only implements the new flag
      Poppler::Page::AcrossLines (but no new function and no new
      return data type) and if this flag is passed, the returned
      list of rectangles will also include rectangles for the
      second part of across-line matches.
      This minimum qt5 binding still allows for the creation of
      tests for this feature (using the qt5 test framework) which
      this commit *do includes*. But a more complete binding (with
      a new return type that includes 'next_line' and 'after_hyphen'
      boolean fields) is left to do for qt5 binding maintainers
      if they want to use this feature (in eg. Okular).
      So, as mentioned, this commit incorporates tests for the
      implemented across-line matching feature, and the tests do
      also check for two included aspects of this feature, which are:
       - Ignoring hyphen character while matching when 1) it's the
         last character of the line and 2) its corresponding matching
         character in the search term is not an hyphen too.
       - Any whitespace characters in the search term will be allowed
         to match on the logic position where the lines split (i.e. what
         would normally be the newline character in a text file, but
         PDF text does not include newline characters between lines).
      Regarding the enhancement to findText() function which implements
      matching across lines, just two more notes:
       - It won't match on text spanning more than two lines, i.e. it
         only matches text spanning from end of one line to start of
         next line.
       - It does not supports finding backwards, if findText() receives
         both <backward> and <matchAcrossLines> parameters as true, it
         will ignore the <matchAcrossLines> parameter. Implementing
         <matchAcrossLines> with backwards direction is possible, but
         it will make an already complex function like findText() to be
         even more complex, for little gain as eg. Evince does not even
         use the <backward> parameter of findText().
      Fixes poppler issues #744 and #755
      Related Evince issue https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/issues/333
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      Fix crash in unicodeToAscii7 · a0e6c8ff
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Don't make Ascii7Map be static, otherwise it will cache the unicode map
      between globlParams and end up with a bad pointer
      If we find the constant searching of the unicode in globalparams is a
      speed problem we need to apply a similar solution to the one we did for
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      Update (C) · bc825050
      Albert Astals Cid authored
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      Update last commit (C) · 9de38e9f
      Albert Astals Cid authored
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      Remove UnicodeMap reference counting · eb5e7d9a
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      And make the cache just be "infinite", it's not like we support
      that many maps or that there's so many used in a given session,
      and if they are, well it's good we cached them
      All the unicode maps we support use about 2MB of memory, but PSOutputDev
      is the only one that loads "random" unicodeMaps so to load them all
      you'd had to print lots of different documents with fonts with lots of
      different font encodings, so it seems like a not very likely situation
      and the code gets simplified a bit
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