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README.rst: Include some notes about syncing uapi headers

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......@@ -13,6 +13,24 @@ but a new libdrm will always work with an older kernel.
libdrm is a low-level library, typically used by graphics drivers such as
the Mesa drivers, the X drivers, libva and similar projects.
Syncing with the Linux kernel headers
The library should be regularly updated to match the recent changes in the
libdrm maintains a human-readable version for the token format modifier, with
the simpler ones being extracted automatically from `drm_fourcc.h` header file
with the help of a python script. This might not always possible, as some of
the vendors require decoding/extracting them programmatically. For that
reason one can enhance the current vendor functions to include/provide the
newly added token formats, or, in case there's no such decoding
function, to add one that performs the tasks of extracting them.
For simpler format modifier tokens there's a script ( that
creates a static table, by going over `drm_fourcc.h` header file. The script
could be further modified if it can't handle new (simpler) token format
modifiers instead of the generated static table.
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