1. 22 Jul, 2022 2 commits
  2. 21 Jun, 2022 19 commits
  3. 15 Jun, 2022 2 commits
  4. 14 Jun, 2022 5 commits
    • Martin Roukala's avatar
      initscript: perform the container creation in a section · 9fef1302
      Martin Roukala authored
      This makes it easy to hide a potentially a very verbose section for
      very large containers (hundreds of lines of downloads).
      References: #24
    • Martin Roukala's avatar
      initscript: introduce the concept of sections · df354e8e
      Martin Roukala authored
      Gitlab has this interesting feature that allows structuring the output
      log by creating nestable sections, which can be (un-)collapsed by
      default or by the user clicking on the associated tick.
      Sections are also handy as they will also tell you how long they took.
      On the other hand, when run outside of GitLab, sections should not
      appear in terminals and should thus look like the regular `log` calls
      we have.
    • Martin Roukala's avatar
      initscript/execute_hooks: make sure to reset the shell config on error · 871d4913
      Martin Roukala authored
      If any command executed by execute_hooks were to fail, we would
      immediately return 1, but fail to reset the shell config that was set
      before calling the function. This commit addresses this.
    • Martin Roukala's avatar
      initscript: do not use DHCP if `ip=` is found in the kernel cmdline · cef9c182
      Martin Roukala authored
      By skipping the mandatory DHCP call at boot when we find the `ip=`
      argument in the kernel command line, we enable users to set a static IP
      at boot, use early DHCP, or disable network support altogether.
      Fixes: #21, #23
    • Vincent Autefage's avatar
      Adds keymap support as new b2c.keymap instruction · 22912193
      Vincent Autefage authored and Martin Roukala's avatar Martin Roukala committed
      config/keymaps: adds various common azerty, qwerty and qwertz kmap files
      container/entrypoint: adds config/keymaps directory integration for uroot
      initscript: adds support of `b2c.keymap` option
      README: adds documentation about `b2c.keymap`
      The `b2c.keymap` feature enables to setup the keyboard layout of the
      machine before running any containers.
      v2: Martin Roukala
       - only display "Setting the keymap" when asked to set a keymap
       - set_keymap: always return 0
       - add tests
      Reported-by: Vincent Autefage <@v-a>
      Fixes: #22
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