Commit cdd2673d authored by Martin Peres's avatar Martin Peres
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Makefile: do not rebuild the test container every time we test

parent 458f647d
......@@ -43,15 +43,15 @@ out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio:
out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio.xz: out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio
xz --check=crc32 -9 --lzma2=dict=1MiB --stdout out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio | dd conv=sync bs=512 of=out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio.xz
$(DOCKER) build -t $(IMAGE_LABEL) .
$(DOCKER) build -t $(TEST_IMAGE_LABEL) -f tests/Dockerfile .
fallocate -l 128M out/disk.img
test: out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio out/disk.img
[ -f "$(KERNEL)" ] || (echo "ERROR: Set the KERNEL parameter, pointing to linux kernel with modules compiled in"; exit 1)
$(DOCKER) build -t $(TEST_IMAGE_LABEL) -f tests/Dockerfile .
$(DOCKER) run --rm -ti --device=/dev/kvm -v $(PWD)/out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio:/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio -v $(KERNEL):/kernel -v $(PWD)/tests/ $(TEST_IMAGE_LABEL) /entrypoint
manual_test: out/initramfs.linux_amd64.cpio out/disk.img
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