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Work around a race condition in podman's container stop

Seems harmless, but trips our script due to errexit
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......@@ -388,11 +388,17 @@ function start_post_containers {
function container_cleanup {
# HACK: podman has a nice race condition, so let's give a bit of time to
# settle down... Sleeping isn't a problem here, since we are done testing :)
sleep 1
sleep 5
# Stop and delete all the containers that may still be running.
# This should be a noop, but I would rather be safe than sorry :)
# There is a race in podman
# Copy a similar dance done in the upstream CI for podman push
podman container stop -a || true
sleep 2
podman container stop -a
podman umount -a -f
podman container rm -fa
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