clients: support 'shared' buffers for dmabuf-gbm

weston-simple-dmabuf-gbm has a new command line option, --shared, which
when enabled, instead of allocating one DMABUF per wl_buffer, allocates
a single DMABUF which is referenced by each wl_buffer. For example,
for a 100x150x32bpp image, in shared mode, a single WxH=100x750x32bpp
dmabuf would be allocated, and the first linked wl_buffer would reference
the rectangle X,Y,W,H=0,0,100,100, the second, X,Y,W,H=0,150,100,150,
the third X,Y,W,H=0,300,100,150, and so on.

This change has only been partially tested; combining --split and --shared
command line options may still fail, as may combining --shared with
nonzero modifiers.
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