1. 20 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Check size of buffer when mapping dmabuf · 672b4913
      Manuel Stoeckl authored
      For context, a DMABUF which was created with a given stride need not
      be mapped with that stride, as the original format may be nontrivial,
      while gbm_bo_map always provides a linear layout. This is a slight
      workaround for the issue that the strides that DMABUFS are mapped with
      may differ between systems -- to give up if the destination is too small.
      This is a minor bandage over the real issue, which is that Waypipe
      currently treats DMABUFS as buffers (for which the stride and layout
      is critical), while gbm treats them more like images (where the
      stride and layout don't really matter). Fixing this properly may
      require wire protocol changes in the future.
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  5. 05 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Fix crash on early file resize · 29210645
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      Adopt size from protocol for fake files · ac02f4b1
      Manuel Stoeckl authored
      ChromiumOS has a virtualization Wayland kernel driver which provides
      file-like objects that support read,write,mmap, but do not provide
      any useful information on fstat. (Specifically, fstat succeeds, but
      returns zeros for file mode and size information.) Such files Waypipe
      identifies as FDC_UNKNOWN. This change makes the relevant protocol
      handlers treat files of unknown type as regular files, and takes
      their sizes from the information provided by the protocol.
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  7. 02 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Run 'ssh' instead of '/usr/bin/ssh' · 464180a3
      Manuel Stoeckl authored
      Specifying an absolute path fails on systems where ssh has a
      nonstandard install; furthermore, the wrapper syntax is 'waypipe ssh',
      not 'waypipe /usr/bin/ssh`.
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