Commit fc9fecef authored by Manuel Stoeckl's avatar Manuel Stoeckl
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Remove incorrect warning messages

For wl_shm_pool.resize, wl_shm.create_pool, and wl_surface.commit .
parent d9e70242
......@@ -203,7 +203,12 @@ void request_wl_surface_commit(
struct context *context = get_context(client, resource);
if (!context->obj->owned_buffer) {
wp_log(WP_ERROR, "Surface to be committed owns no buffer\n");
/* The wl_surface.commit operation applies all "pending state",
* much of which we don't care about. Typically, when a
* wl_surface is first created, it is soon committed to
* atomically update state variables. An attached wl_buffer is
* not required.
if (!context->on_display_side) {
......@@ -269,7 +274,11 @@ static void request_wl_shm_create_pool(struct wl_client *client,
the_shm_pool->owned_buffer = sfd;
sfd->has_owner = true;
if (sfd->type != FDC_FILE || (int32_t)sfd->file_size != size) {
/* It may be valid for the file descriptor size to be larger than the
* immediately advertised size, since the call to wl_shm.create_pool
* may be followed by wl_shm_pool.resize, which then increases the size
if (sfd->type != FDC_FILE || (int32_t)sfd->file_size < size) {
"File type or size mismatch for RID=%d with claimed: %d %d | %ld %d\n",
sfd->remote_id, sfd->type, FDC_FILE,
......@@ -280,7 +289,15 @@ static void request_wl_shm_pool_resize(struct wl_client *client,
struct wl_resource *resource, int32_t size)
struct context *context = get_context(client, resource);
if (!context->obj->owned_buffer) {
wp_log(WP_ERROR, "Pool to be resize owns no buffer\n");
if ((int32_t)context->obj->owned_buffer->file_size >= size) {
// The underlying buffer was already resized by the time
// this protocol message was received
wp_log(WP_ERROR, "Pool resize to %d\n", size);
static void request_wl_shm_pool_create_buffer(struct wl_client *client,
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