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waypipe is a proxy for Wayland[0] clients. It forwards Wayland messages and
serializes changes to shared memory buffers over a single socket. This makes
application forwarding similar to `ssh -X` [1] feasible.
[0] [](
[1] [](
## Usage
The invocation is currently somewhat complicated. Install `waypipe` on both
systems. Use absolute paths for `waypipe` and `weston-terminal`, since PATH
may not be the same on the remote system.
/usr/bin/waypipe client /tmp/socket-local &
ssh -R/tmp/socket-remote:/tmp/socket-local -t $SRV \
/usr/bin/waypipe server /tmp/socket-remote -- /usr/bin/weston-terminal
kill %1
## Installing
Build with meson[0]. A recent version of wayland is required. Man pages are
generated with scdoc[1].
[0] [](
[1] [](
## Status
This is just a prototype right now.[0] The source code, command-line interface,
project name, primary branch, and git history may yet change completely.
Any of the following will crash waypipe:
* Different local/client and remote/server versions
* Applications using non-shm-based protocols like linux_dmabuf
* Differing byte orders
[0] [](
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