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## Status
This is usable, but still somewhat unstable right now[0]. The main
development location[1], command-line interface, and wire format may yet
change completely. Bug reports and patches are always welcome.
This program is now relatively stable, with no large changes to the
command line interface or wire format expected. Features like video
encoding, multiplanar and tiled DMABUFs, and support for newer Wayland
protocols are less well tested and more likely to break between minor
Waypipe is developed at [1]; file bug reports or submit patches here.
The wire format most recently changed with version 0.7.0, and is not
compatible with earlier versions of Waypipe.
compatible with earlier versions of Waypipe. Both the client and
server sides of a connection must have a feature in order for it to work;
for example, if the local copy of Waypipe was built without LZ4 support,
and the remote copy has the `--compress lz4` option set, the connection
may fail at some point.
Any of the following may make waypipe crash with an error message. If
it segfaults, file a bug report!
* Different local/client and remote/server versions
* Different local/client and remote/server versions or capabilities
* Differing byte orders
* Applications using unexpected protocols that pass file descriptors; file
bug reports for these
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