Commit c8cdf3ee authored by Jakob Bornecrantz's avatar Jakob Bornecrantz

d/ohmd: Tidy code style

parent 9c05e853
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......@@ -307,10 +307,12 @@ get_info(struct oh_device *ohd, const char *prod)
if (info.quirks.rotate_screen_right_after) {
// OpenHMD describes the logical orintation not the physical.
// clang-format off
ohmd_device_getf(ohd->dev, OHMD_SCREEN_HORIZONTAL_SIZE, &info.display.h_meters);
ohmd_device_getf(ohd->dev, OHMD_SCREEN_VERTICAL_SIZE, &info.display.w_meters);
ohmd_device_geti(ohd->dev, OHMD_SCREEN_HORIZONTAL_RESOLUTION, &info.display.h_pixels);
ohmd_device_geti(ohd->dev, OHMD_SCREEN_VERTICAL_RESOLUTION, &info.display.w_pixels);
// clang-format on
return info;
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