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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ The project is primarily developed on GNU/Linux, but also runs on Android and Wi
Dependencies include:
* [CMake][] 3.13 or newer (Note Ubuntu 18.04 only has 3.10) or meson >= 0.49
* [CMake][] 3.13 or newer (Note Ubuntu 18.04 only has 3.10)
* Python 3.6 or newer
* Vulkan headers and loader - Fedora package `vulkan-loader-devel`
* OpenGL headers
......@@ -141,26 +141,6 @@ make install
Documentation can be browsed by opening `doc/html/index.html` in the build directory in a web browser.
### Meson
The build process is similar to other Meson builds.
For a system wide installation requiring root privileges:
meson --prefix=/usr build
ninja -C build install
For a local installation in ~/.local:
meson --prefix=~/.local -Dinstall-active-runtime=false build
ninja -C build install
Note that the installation of the `active_runtime.json` file should be disabled for installations without
root privileges because this file is always installed in meson's syconfdir (usually /etc).
## Getting started using OpenXR with Monado
This implements the [OpenXR][] API,
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ git commit -m"doc: Remove old changelog fragments" doc/changes
Edit the files
* `CMakelists.txt`
* ``
* `src/xrt/state_trackers/oxr/oxr_instance.c`
See previous commits for exact places.
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