Commit af2756b5 authored by Ryan Pavlik's avatar Ryan Pavlik

st/oxr: Fix conformance issue in xrBeginFrame

parent 3d2d391f
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......@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ oxr_xrWaitFrame(XrSession session,
struct oxr_logger log;
OXR_VERIFY_SESSION_AND_INIT_LOG(&log, session, sess, "xrWaitFrame");
if (sess->compositor == NULL) {
return oxr_error(&log, XR_ERROR_VALIDATION_FAILURE,
"xrWaitFrame is illegal headless sessions");
return oxr_error(&log, XR_ERROR_GRAPHICS_DEVICE_INVALID,
"xrWaitFrame is illegal in headless sessions");
OXR_VERIFY_ARG_NOT_NULL(&log, frameState);
......@@ -109,8 +109,11 @@ oxr_xrBeginFrame(XrSession session, const XrFrameBeginInfo* frameBeginInfo)
struct oxr_session* sess;
struct oxr_logger log;
OXR_VERIFY_SESSION_AND_INIT_LOG(&log, session, sess, "xrBeginFrame");
OXR_VERIFY_ARG_TYPE_AND_NULL(&log, frameBeginInfo,
// NULL explicitly allowed here because it's a basically empty struct.
if (frameBeginInfo != NULL) {
OXR_VERIFY_ARG_TYPE_AND_NULL(&log, frameBeginInfo,
return oxr_session_frame_begin(&log, sess);
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