Commit 8783adca authored by Ryan Pavlik's avatar Ryan Pavlik

Reduce IMU variance for now

parent 5b1d5361
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......@@ -550,7 +550,7 @@ imu_data(TrackerPSMV &t,
//! @todo use better measurements instead of the above "simple fusion"
flexkalman::predict(t.filter_state, t.process_model, dt);
auto meas = flexkalman::AbsoluteOrientationMeasurement{
t.imu.getQuat(), Eigen::Vector3d::Constant(0.01)};
t.imu.getQuat(), Eigen::Vector3d::Constant(0.1)};
if (!flexkalman::correctUnscented(t.filter_state, meas)) {
"Got non-finite something when filtering IMU!\n");
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