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# Monado - XR Runtime (XRT)
> * Promotional homepage: <>
> * Maintained at <>
> * Latest API documentation: <>
Monado is an open source XR runtime delivering immersive experiences such as VR
and AR on on mobile, PC/desktop, and any other device
(because gosh darn people
......@@ -26,30 +30,36 @@ and aims to support other operating systems in the near future.
Dependencies include:
* [CMake][] 3.10 or newer
* [OpenHMD][] (found using pkg-config)
* Vulkan headers
* OpenGL headers
* Eigen3
* glslang
* libusb
* libudev
Optional (but recommended) dependencies:
* OpenGL headers for OpenGL graphics support
* libxcb and xcb-xrandr development packages
* [OpenHMD][] (found using pkg-config)
Truly optional dependencies:
Truly optional dependencies, useful for some drivers, app support, etc.:
* Doxygen
* Wayland development packages
* Xlib development pages
* libhidapi (for the HDK driver)
* Xlib development packages
* libhidapi
* OpenCV
* libuvc
* ffmpeg
* libjpeg
Tested distributions that are fully compatible,
on Intel and AMD graphics:
* Ubuntu 18.10 (18.04 does not work)
* Debian 10 `buster`
(currently the "testing" release -
current stable Stretch does not have new enough packages)
* Up-to-date package lists can be found in our CI config file,
These distributions include recent-enough versions of all the
software to use direct mode,
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